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At IDX, we specialise in creating high-quality thought leadership and compelling industry content. Our aim is to help companies, whether they are small or global, establish themselves as industry experts and engage a broader target audience and network through digital content marketing and storytelling.

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, social media, technology, and various digital platforms have become ubiquitous and offer numerous opportunities for companies to create immersive content and engage with their audience before, during, and after events.
Our team has nearly 30 years of diverse experience and a well-established network in the industry. As a result, we not only possess a deep understanding of the business ecosystem but also have the expertise to identify the right content and topics for your brand.

Our services are tailored to the industry and crafted by experts who are passionate about creating content that resonates with your target audience. So, if you're looking for a reliable partner to help you enhance your digital content marketing and storytelling efforts, look no further. Choose us, and let us help you achieve your business objectives with our industry-leading expertise!

IDX Partners

We’ve partnered with key brands within the industry as well as the founders and CEOs of main networking events

IDX Clients

Recent Projects

IDX TV capturing Egon Veermae, Chief Operating Officer from Eurora for the senior panel at WMX Americas 2022.
Mandy Deakin International Managing Director of DPD Group and John Walsh, Vice President of Sales at Asendia USA join IDX TV host Nadia for an in-depth chat on the e-PAQ Elite, powered in Europe by DPD, discussing the innovative solution DPD Group bringing to market.
IDX TV bring its unique interviewing style and video recording capabilities to the WMX EMEA Dubai conference. In this exciting panel discussion, Nadia chats to a star-studded logistics line up including Rudee Bertie, CEO and Founder of CCL, John Sproat, COO at FB Canada, Mark Lases, CEO of Your Cargo Contact, Jason Li, Director of Business Development at CCL and James Marley, Global Partnerships at Zonos.


“Solutions like these are needed for the event industry - I think IDX TV is genius”
Brody Buhler
Brody Buhler,
Chief Executive Officer of Escher Group
“IDX TV is not only a great platform but adds significant value as they create premium, relevant, and compelling thought leadership content for our global members. This is why IDX TV and their excellent team are the chosen media partners for NAP and NeX network events”.
Christos Spyrou
Christos Spyrou
CEO and Founder of Neutral Air Partners
“We are very pleased to be partnering with IDX TV. The RLA is the only industry voice for returns and other reverse logistics processes and IDX TV will help us uncover valuable, additional insights and thoughts on the market to share with our RLA members.”
Tony Sciarrotta
Tony Sciarrotta
Executive Director of RLA
“I saw IDX TV last year and liked it. It’s a great opportunity for companies like APG eCommerce to get exposure. Creating content and video through IDX platform is great way of promoting ourselves”.
Laetitia Arfi
Laetitia Arfi
Sales and Marketing Director of APG eCommerce
“I love it, I love it, I love it! I love the interaction, the immediacy, and getting different perspectives at events, I love it!”
Mary P. Anderson
Mary P. Anderson
Executive Director of USPS
“IDX TV is a great platform especially for young logistics tech start-ups like us to present our solution globally, and I’m honoured to be on this platform”.
Sayed Ali Ridha Madhid
Sayed Ali Ridha Madhid
Entrepreneur and Logistician, Luwjistik
“Always good to take part on IDX TV and always learn from the insights of the industry… I wouldn’t miss it”
Ali Gerrie
CEO of ZigZag Global
“It’s amazing; very interesting concept and nice to see you guys at the NAP events. It’s a great initiative and must appreciate you guys for that”
Ashish Asaf
CEO of S.A Consultants & Forwarders PVT
“It’s great, it’s not usual that we get to find an avenue where members and communities get to speak about what think about the industry... Give some thoughts about the of that events and activities are happening, having that avenue it is really great.”
Rochelle Triguero
Rochelle Triguero
VP Customer Success
“IDX TV is a very professional media platform for the industry and we have a very good relationship. It is very good for us to share our experiences and solutions on this platform. IDX TV can bring more fresh ideas to all the members around the world”
Stephen Liu
Stephen Liu
Business Development of CCL
“With IDX TV they help connect with our target audience, that are fun, interesting people and potential clients. The platform gives some valuable insights from different segments of the supply chain. We love working with IDX”.
Will Ning
Business Development of CCL
“A great initiative for our industry, I don’t think that we had something similar to what you guys are doing before… so I believe it’s going to be really good and great for the future, and I will be definitely following you to see where you going to head.”
Ali Ghaffar
Global Sales of CHAMP Cargo Systems
“The possibilities are endless! Having event filmed and produced in such a professional manner, able to review and look through IDX TV media partner content is one of the most important parts of the event”
Tom Seddon
Senior Events Manager,
‘ I think it’s really great, you know like, you really have this platform for everyone just to speak on you know, their thoughts, their business model. It’s a really good event to connect everyone on an individual basis, but this is a platform that not only the inside people can hear, but also talking to bigger audiences so I think it’s great. Thank you for the opportunity.’  
Yvonne Cao
Yvonne Cao
Managing Director at ECMS Express
"It’s always great to work with IDX and this time is no exception. Thanks for the wonderful event".
Yvonne Cao
Sam Wong
Business Development Manager, NG Terminal

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