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Welcome to our IDX Sponsors page! Here, we proudly present the distinguished organisations that support our mission and drive innovation in the industry. Our sponsors are leaders in their fields, and their expertise helps us achieve our goals. Each sponsor profile is accompanied by a video, giving you an inside look at their contributions and achievements. 

Get to know the leaders behind our media partnership success. Click on the videos to learn more about their journeys, achievements, and the impact they are making in the industry.
  • Industry Role: Air Cargo Solutions Provider & Global Network

  • About Neutral Air Partners: Neutral Air Partners is a global network of air cargo architects and aviation specialists. The network presently consists of 350+ like-minded air cargo specialists from 150+ countries placing the group as one of the largest air cargo providers worldwide, in terms of tonnage and revenue. Our first class partners are dedicated to providing innovative air cargo solutions to the international freight logistics, shipping & aviation community.

  • Industry Role: Logistics and Supply Chain Consultancy

  • About ATEM Group: ATEM Group is an international group of industry experts with expertise with cross border gateway solutions, logistics, operations and solutions to help you scale your brand and into new trade lanes, globally. A one-stop platform of experts that offer bespoke, commercial and strategic consultancy across the supply chain ecosystem.

  • Industry Role: Global Retail and eCommerce logistics solutions 

  • About APG eCommerce: APG eCommerce Solutions (APG), a subsidiary of AustraliaPost, is a global end-to-end logistics company whose mission is to deliver seamless online shopping experiences to people in all corners of the world.The organisation provides advanced, cross-border e-Commerce delivery solutions and has a strong presence in all major trade lanes (USA,Asia, Europe, Saudi Arabia, etc.) Its clients include some of the most renowned and biggest eCommerce merchants out there.

  • Industry Role: eCommerce Solutions Global Network

  • About NeX eCommerce: NeX is an international group of experts focused on advancing the interests of the eCommerce supply chain logistics industry. This is a strategic partnership that brings together a collective of industry-leading logistics providers committed to delivering flawless omni-channel fulfillment operations, cross-border transportation, distribution, return logistics, and end-to-end e-supply chain management.

  • Industry Role: Terminal and Port Operations

  • About NG Terminal: NG Terminal Based right next to London Heathrow Airport, NGTerminal is a neutral customs and logistics service provider operating from a15,000 SQF facility. We tailor our services for Multi-Modal Import &Export, E-commerce Logistics Compliance Control, C2C consignments, ReverseLogistics, and more. Powered by MyNGT, NG Terminal’s in-house designed system for scalable integrations, our customers can access their customer portal for24X7 visibility of their shipments. With MyNGT, we can accommodate a high demand for customs data and tax payment processing.

  • Industry Role: Reverse Supply Chain Solutions

  • About Reverse Logistics: Reverse The Reverse Logistics Association is the only authoritative body for best practices related to reverse logistics. RLA is a member-driven, global trade association for the returns and reverse industry. The RLA offers information, research, solutions, and facilitates networking introductions for manufacturers, retail companies, and third-party providers. Our goal is to educate and inform reverse logistics professionals globally and be the voice of the reverse industry.

  • Industry Role: Retail and supply chain logistics exhibition

  • About Retail Supply Chain Logistics Expo:Retail Supply Chain Logistics Expo is the UK's leading retail focused supply chain and logistics exhibition, visitors will be able to create new business relationships with hundreds of suppliers that will keep their business ahead of the curve. Improving your supply chain will reduce costs, improve customer experience, and make you a household name in retail.

  • Industry Role: Customs and Compliance Solutions

  • About CCL: CCL offers expert customs clearance and compliance services, ensuring that shipments move seamlessly across borders. Their deep understanding of customs regulations and procedures helps clients navigate complex international trade requirements. CCL is a trusted partner in customs and compliance.

  • Industry Role: Supply ChainEducation and Certification

  • About ISEA: International Shipping Enterprise Association Limited(ISEA), is a comprehensive cooperation platform developed through the integration of various industry resources, including China Shipping Gazette,Shipping & Logistics Branch of China Communications and TransportationAssociation, and Shanghai Shipping 50-key-stakeholder Development Research Centre.

  • Industry Role: Audio Content Solutions

  • About Audio Harvest: Audio Harvest transforms written content into high-quality audio, making information more accessible and engaging. Their innovative approach helps businesses reach wider audiences through podcasts, audio articles, and other audio content solutions. Audio Harvest is at the forefront of the audio content revolution.

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