ACE Event Review – IDX

What a great senior and premium air cargo event #ACE2023 was, which was held at the amazing WHotel venue in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi!

As we take a moment to reflect on the recent ACE event, it's essential for us to recognise the valuable insights and lessons gained from the experience, so, here is what have we learnt and key takeaways to share:

Achievements and Milestones: As a team, we reflect on the accomplishments and milestones we have achieved over the last few years, as during the event, we have found that numerous senior delegates, speakers, and experts in the industry were aware of the IDX brand and the added value of the platform.

Delegate Engagement: One of the noteworthy moments that stood out is how did attendees responded to the IDX platform / services and wanted to be part of the future activities in 2024, particularly with the middle east and Indian based delegates.

Networking Opportunities: Amazing networking opportunities and successful connections made throughout the 3 days. Most definitely some interesting conversations on how to collaborate and create compelling and interesting senior level content to assist with their marketing campaigns and growth strategies.

Challenges: As always, available budget to produce high level content and digital marketing is always a limitation for many companies. However, the importance of investing in marketing is evidently stronger now more than ever before. Furthermore, the importance of adding video, visuals, and social media to stand out and tell their story in a highly saturated air cargo and freight forwarding market was in many discussions and front of minds. Furthermore, smooth execution, quality and use AI to automate the business seems to be the future of marketing, particularly in supply chain.

Technology and Tools: Again AI was in a lot of discussions on how to improve performance, so perhaps a session on the effectiveness and use of marketing would be great for future events.

Future Opportunities: The impact and success of this great event on our brand visibility and strategy was tremendous, and in terms of brand exposure and positioning, was completely aligned and saw many future opportunities and collaborations with IDX. We will definitely be honored to be part of future ACE Events and with this, a sincere and heartfelt thank you to both Christos Spyrou and Celine Hourcade for inviting, collaborating and entrusting IDX as official media partners for ACE 2023.

Also and warm thank you the amazing Neutral Air Partner team Jelena Babic, Muriel Zographos, Boris Bartula, Johanna Barja.