IDX TV launch Website Edition

Welcome to the exciting world of IDX TV, where innovation, creativity, expertise, and passion come together to redefine the digital and event landscape.

This blog post coincides with the launch of our new website. We would like to take you on an exciting journey through the inception of IDX TV, there markable events that have shaped our growth, and the incredible team that makes it all possible. So, sit back, relax, and let's embark on this thrilling adventure!

First off, a little about us! Although our team has nearly 30 years of diverse experience and a well-established network in the industry, our birth was just over a year ago! Collectively, we possess a deep understanding of the business supply chain, retail, ecommerce, marketing ecosystem and have the expertise to identify the right content and topics which may be of interest to your brand.

In IDX, we specialise increating high-quality thought leadership and compelling industry content, visuals, and discussions. Our aim is to help companies, whether they are small organisations or global players, establish themselves as industry experts and engage beyond their target audience and network with others through digital content and storytelling.

In this blog post, we take you through our thrilling journey.

The Inception: Let’s get Phygital (physical and digital – seewhat we did?)

The story of IDX TV (formally CCL TV) began with a simple but very clever vision. Whilst the world was locked down because of the Covid-19 pandemic, an internal discussion to create a digital platform that brings people together and keeps the discussion going through lockdown, was conceived.  

It was the brainchild of our Co-founders Rudee Bertie and Sheragime Keshavarzian. Rudee, a specialist in the customs and import/export industry, spent his entire career within this sector; most of it running Customs Clearance Ltd for 23 years; and Sheragime, a seasoned professional with a proven track record of first class B2B and B2C sales, strategic marketing and business development experience within Film, Education, FMCG, Music and Retail sectors.

Both are avid media enthusiasts who dreamed of establishing a platform that not only catered to viewers' preferences but also fostered a sense of community and engagement – a digital hub. Armed with determination, a little investment, and a clear mission, Rudee and Sheragime assembled a small team of like-minded individuals who shared their vision to create something new and exciting. We tested the water with audio podcasts and were keen to promote the initiatives with event companies who were increasingly going virtual because of the pandemic from 2020.

The Journey:

Building and kicking-off IDX TV was nothing short of a rollercoaster ride – filled with ups, downs, and unexpected turns. As a new player in the digital TV industry, the team faced its fair share of challenges. However, their passion and commitment propelled them forward.

One of the earliest milestones was securing a partnership with BBC host and TV presenter Nadia Dunn; the other was that with global leading industry events, allowing IDX TV to offer a diverse range of content and discussions.From thought provoking leadership interviews to light-hearted discussions, IDXTV quickly became a one-stop destination for supply chain enthusiasts of all kinds.

As the platform gained traction, the team focused on building a robust online community with the global events. They introduced features such as live panels, Q&A sessions with hosts, and social media engagement. This unique approach not only attracted viewers but also fostered a sense of belonging among the audience.

The Events:

IDX TV soon became synonymous with hosting Media Partnership press areas that not only added value to the buzz and impact of events, but kept audiences and delegates connected, which was lacking within the industry.

One of the most memorable events was IDX TV’s partnership with RLA in Las Vegas in early 2023, where senior Reverse Logistics delegates and industry leaders from around the world showcased their talent and services to the members on IDX TV. “We are very pleased to be partnering with IDX TV. Tony Sciarrotta, ExecutiveDirector of RLA said. The RLA is the only industry voice for returns and other reverse logistics processes and IDX TV will help us uncover valuable, additional insights and thoughts on the market to share with our RLA members.”


As we reflect on the journey so far, several highlights standout as significant achievements:

  • Securing partnerships with renowned content global leaders in the Network Named, for a second time, as media partner for RLA, Post Parcel, and linking up with other leading event brands WMX, White Label and NAP, enriching both our library and their events with a diverserange of high-quality content and added value.
  • There has been so many global brands, in-fact hundreds have participated over the last few years with some of the very best brands such as Post NL, Better Packaging, Packsack, Hurricane, Zig Zag Global, NG Terminal, Jas Worldwide, Asendia to DPD– so many amazing brands.
  • Hosting star-studded interviews with amazing thought leaders such as the late JuanCruz (so very missed), Christos Spirou, Brody Bruhler, Martyn, Mandy DeakinSnell, Stu Campey, Tony Sciarrotta, Peter Somers, Egon Vaermae, Jason Li, AlGerrie to disrupters of eCommerce Mark Lasses, Evonne Cao and JamesMarley, with exclusive panels and one to one’s, bringing our viewers closer to the industry Greece
  • Working with amazing clients CCL, APG eCommerce,NeX eCommerce and NG Terminal to Tropic Feel.
  • Making a positive impact within the event industry and helping to identify valuable market insights.

The Unstoppable Energised Team:

Behind every successful venture lies a dedicated and passionate team, and IDX TV is no exception. From content acquisition, filming, marketing, planning to technical support and community management, every member of the team plays a crucial role in shaping the platform's success.

Amy Zhu, has not only the driving force behind IDX TV but also the anchor that kept the team grounded. Her ability to lead with empathy and inspire creativity brought out the best in each team member.  

The technical wizards, under the guidance of head of marketing, are Tereta Hui, Tong Wu, Yasmin Mohajeri, Abigail Wright, Oana Catalina Necsulescu, Hannah Jackson, Avijah Scarborough and Perry White are the unsung heroes behind the smooth functioning of the platform. Their expertise in handling complex broadcasting technologies, filming and commitment to staying ahead of the curve have kept IDX TV at the forefront of the industry. There is no ‘I’ in our Team

We want to take this opportunity to thank Amy and all the team for working tirelessly to curate a captivating content, planning line-up of events and projects.  

As you will notice, the team are mostly women, which we are very proud of and is a game changer for the industry. Our Social Community is an integral part of delivering our purpose; we are building a social supply chain and logistics community with a difference. Our 2025 Sustainability, Social and CSR programmes will be achieved by delivering the below initiatives

•      Mentorship
•      Sponsoring
•      Local charities
•      Equality and support ‘Women in Logistics’
•      Supporting local Youth with careers in Logistics

The journey of IDX TV so far is a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and collaboration – this is our motto. From humble beginnings to becoming a formidable force in the broadcasting industry, the platform has come a long way, thanks to its dedicated team, partners, clients, and sponsors.

As IDX TV continues to grow and evolve, one thing remains certain – their commitment to delivering top-notch content while making a positive impact on the supply chain and retail community. So, whether you're along-time fan or a newcomer to the platform, buckle up for an exhilarating ride with IDX TV – the ultimate destination for all your content needs!