How Important is Digital Marketing in Supply Chain?

So what does this huge Online mean for consumption and our environment? According to Statista, global consumption of paper and plastic was 408 million tons in 2021, and is projected to reach 476 million tons by 2032. Packaging accounts for the largest share of global production. Ecommerce worldwide used approximately 2.1 billion pounds of plastic packaging in 2019, the last year figures were available, per Statista. It’s projected to more than double to 4.5 billion pounds by 2025. In 2019, ecommerce plastic packaging waste was estimated at more than 1 billion kilograms worldwide.

At IDX we have always been keen to assist with spreading the word at our global events, and doing our bit reduce to make this world a better place by  challenging and asking brands and thought leaders on how ‘they are thinking’ more sustainable strategies and sharing these with the wider industry!

With such an import topic globally, we would like to share one of our first face-to-monitor filmed interview discussion when the world was truly grounded and locked down with the amazing Rebecca Percasky, Co-Founder of the Better Packaging Co.  Rebecca and Nadia discuss how Better Packaging Co. designed revolutionary, customised packaging solutions for the new economy – Circular Economy!  

So, how did they become so successful so quickly? We asked the question how  important is digital marketing to Better Packaging on getting their message out globally?

Rebecca states, ‘’Digital marketing is massive part of our growth, and social media became a really important channel for Better Packaging and getting that message around our sustainable packaging. We found when our retail customers were posting about our products, we found are sales went up !”. And gently laughs g ‘’we become the very first instagramble packing company’’ .

Watch the full video to hear more about sustainable innovations as well as one of their latest products, POLLAST!C.